The Center

The HOW center specializes in:

Plant Based Skin Care & Facials
Vegan & Non-GMO Protein
Herbal Detoxification and Cleansing
Vegan & Bio-Available Supplements
Anti-Aging, Weight Loss & Hormonal Support Homeopathic Sub-Linguals
Custom Essential Oil Blends & Aromatherapy Products
Ionic Detox Foot Baths
Live Blood Analysis
Nutritional Guidance
Meditation & Wellness Workshops

The HOW Center is run by two incredible individuals, both 100% devoted to serving clients in the best manner possible. Read more about Adriana and Stephanie here, along with the background of the business.

The Environment

As soon as you walk through our door, you will feel the calmness of the setting and the warmth of the people who work here. Unlike high-end spas which can be intimidating, we encourage guests to make themselves at home. “Our casa es su casa”. Kick off your shoes, sit quietly for a few minutes, enjoy the crystal-infused water in our EMF Free Shungite Environment &  get ready to enjoy your HOW experience.

Our center features The Zen Room, where guests relax and can explore quiet meditation, aromatherapy, angel card decks, and more before or after any treatment. Reiki, Crystal Harp Sound Healing, and Guided Mindfulness & Meditation workshops are offered in the Zen Room Tuesday-Thursday from 6:00-7:00pm.

Our private treatment room is soothing and inviting. For a truly out of this world experience, try our Signature Full Body Facial combining plant-based skin care, essential oils, and energy work or for a quick visit try an ionic detox footbath.

Tap into your creative and playful side in our Aromatherapy Workshop. Let us show you HOW to detoxify your personal care products with custom vegan skin care and essential oil blends created just for you! Our certified Aromatherapist can help you create your own essential oil roll-on, hair or body oil, inhaler, or pure diffusion blend. The Aromatherapy Workshop is available for individuals, small groups, and private parties. Ask HOW to create a signature scent for your business, brand, or special event!

Looking to manage weight, lower blood pressure, increase energy, and improve sleep? Meet Caron Barr, R.N. Nurse Caron meets people where they are with their current health to help them attain optimal wellness. Through her 20 years experience, Caron uses Live Blood Analysis to detect and correct nutritional deficiencies to restore you to the health and vitality you deserve.

Whether you are new to natural wellness and holistic health or you have already embarked on your wellness journey, we invite you to discover our center, and experience our products and services for yourself.

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