Healing Through Sound, Scent & Energy


August 16


07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

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Holistic Organic Wellness

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Holistic Organic Wellness

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Boca Raton, FL, US, 33431

Crystal Healing has been around since prehistoric times. This form of healing was also known as laying on of stones, and has been used by many cultures throughout history.

Sound Healing is also an ancient form of healing. The Crystal Harp blends sound and crystal energies together for healing and relaxation.

It is made of crystal tubeswhich have been tuned to the Chakras at a frequency of 432Hrtz. The sound and vibrational frequencies of this instrument are not only pleasing to the ears but soothing to the mind, body and spirit.

Chakras are brought back into balance, and peace and relaxation are experienced. The atomic structure of crystals is geometrically perfect. Because of this, crystals have a very stable vibrational rate. Due to their stable vibrational frequency, when placed in our auric field, they are able to stabilize and raise our vibrational frequencies and bring balance to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states. The Crystal Harp is a beautiful instrument that facilitates this sense of peace, balance and wellbeing.

Joan Costa is a certified crystal healer and reiki master

Stephanie Cimino is a certified second generation aromatherapist and energy healer

Join us for the merging of crystal harp, essential oil aromatherapy & reiki energy healing